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Transforming CNS health through AI-powered precision neuroscience

About us

Manifest was founded by a group of leading experts in computational neuroimaging and psychiatry at Yale University's School of Medicine. Our goal is to transform therapeutic development, diagnosis and treatment for CNS disorders. The company is advancing the world's first AI-powered computational neuroimaging system that quantifies neural and symptom data to create and choose the right therapy for the right patient at the right time.

Platform & Solutions

NAIO schematic

Manifest Technologies has created the NAIO™ (Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence Optimized) platform. NAIO™ AI biomarker engine enables automated integration, processing and analysis of large, complex, multi-modal neuroimaging data sets. The company is building a suite of specific applications out of the NAIO™ platform to meet the needs of both pharmaceutical CNS R&D and health care providers.

Validated Scientific Impact

Manifest's groundbreaking computational neuroimaging NAIO platform builds off of a decade of high-impact and validated science out of the founders' laboratories at Yale University School of Medicine supported by $50M+ of NIMH grants. Our science focuses on a range of key applications including biomarker discovery, pharmacological target validation, and patient selection approaches for CNS clinical trials. For a list of selected key publications, click the link below.



News Highlights


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Press Releases

Business Wire

Manifest Technologies Emerges From Stealth With Strategic Investors and Prepares for Next Development Stage of AI-Powered Precision Neuroscience

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